Wishlist: Preview of Batman Arkham Origins

The bad-ass Batman. Attributed to HarryBana.

“I don’t care who does it. I don’t care how they go.” In one Christmas Eve, The Black Mask watches, impassive, as his henchmen bring in today’s victim and forces him down to his knees. Another henchman hands over a still-burning cigarette and The Black Mask bends down, letting the red light illuminate his grinning skull.

“I just want The Bat dead,” he whispers — and fills the victim’s eye with a Christmas present: a red-hot cigarette end.


In another place and in the later time, a man wakes up to find himself hanging upside down with The Batman holding on his leg. “Where’s The Black Mask?” the dark knight demands, then drops him from the clock tower. Soon the cord around his leg twangs and the man is a big yo-yo, bawling his eyes out and banging his face on the clock’s surface. Then The Batman hears the man’s phone ring, informing him of his destination: Diamond District Tower.

>> Read the rest of this article here.

This article is my attempt for the narrative game writing that seems quite popular nowadays. I’ve seen it for a while, but embarrassingly enough I’ve never tried it until now. It doesn’t seem much different from the standard short-story writing I did all the time — except that I’ve seen the visual before I describe it in writing. Which is far more fun.

This game has a lot more cool stuffs to write about — the detective vision, for example — but I’ve already hit the word limit. (I might need to work around this problem later.) If you’re interested, you can check out the video from which I write this story down: http://goo.gl/bOhQ5P

Batman: Arkham Origins is coming to PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC on 25 October.


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