Writing Samples

Here’s a few samples of my writing. Some of these have been published. The links to the publications are provided within the document.


“5 Movies about Chasing Your Dream” — A list article targeted for younger audience. Read it here.

“No Sympathy for the Weak: The Concept of Power in Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2” — An analytical feature about how Kick-Ass movie franchise signifies the idea of power. Read it here.

“It’s a Dog’s Life” — A game feature exploring a dog’s loyalty in Grand Theft Auto 5. Read it here.

“Emote Friends: Interacting with Emoticons” — A feature discussing the use of emotes as a social interaction tool in MMO games. Read it here.

“Preview: Batman Arkham Origins” — A narrative take on a popular upcoming game. Read it here.

“Perth Urban Legends: Stories from Western Australia” — A grievous retelling of urban legends that haunt Western Australia. Read it here.

Creative Fictions:

“When I’m Thirsty” — A short fiction about Australian desert, dehydration and behaviours of European Wild Rabbits. Read it here.

“To Cure a City” — A short fiction about what a plague does to a community. Read it here.


“Game Review: Horn” — Read it here.

“Game Review: Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of the Second” — Read it here.

“Film Review: Death at a Funeral” — Read it here.

“Music Review: American Twilight” — Read it here.

“Book Review: Prime Cut” — Read it here.


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